This year's theme: CHALK!
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All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm June 5, 2020. 
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What is the #WEAREWISCONSIN art contest? 

The Winnebago County Drug & Alcohol Coalition hosts an annual youth art contest focused on celebrating everything you love about living in Wisconsin without alcohol. 

It can seem like everything in Wisconsin involves alcohol, and we routinely find ourselves on the "drunkest cities in the US" lists. BUT WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO CELEBRATE ABOUT WISCONSIN!

What is the goal of the #WEAREWISCONSIN art contest?

We know that having Small Talks with your children, starting around age 8, about alcohol can prevent underage drinking. We also know that 2 out of 3 teens do not see underage drinking as a risk, and nearly 42,000 teens across Wisconsin report drinking alcohol by the age of 13. 

Starting a conversation about alcohol or other drugs with your children can be difficult and feel overwhelming. This is why we recommend having casual, short conversations that can happen anywhere, anytime during everyday life. We hope to provide an opportunity for these conversations through our art contest. Visit the Small Talks page for additional tips on starting a conversation today

Who can participate in the #WEAREWISCONSIN art contest?

In order to be eligible for the #WEAREWISCONSIN art contest you must be: 

  • a resident of Winnebago County

  • be an elementary, middle, or high school student in Winnebago County

How do I participate in the #WEAREWISCONSIN art contest?

Participating is simple! All you need to do is: 

  • Create original chalk art showing what you love about Wisconsin 

  • Incorporate the hashtag #wearewisconsin and/or the caption "I love Wisconsin because..." in your art

  • Snap a picture of your creation and upload it to the online submission form along with your name, age & grade, school affiliation, and parent's signature (for youth under 18 years of age)

Does the chalk art have to be outside? 

While we encourage you to make your chalk art outside on a driveway or sidewalk so the entire neighborhood can enjoy it, we understand this is not feasible for everyone. Your chalk art may be completed outdoors on a sidewalk, driveway or other surface suitable for chalk, on a chalkboard or chalkboard wall, inside or out!

How will participants, finalists and winners be recognized?

All participants, finalists, and winners will be recognized on the Winnebago County Drug & Alcohol Coalition's website, social media accounts and other publications related to future art contests, coalition promotions, substance use prevention efforts and events. 

How will finalists and winners be chosen? 

The coalition will vote on all submissions to identify the top 5 in each category (elementary, middle, high school). Once the 5 finalists in each category have been identified, online voting will be announced. Online voting will be open to the public and can be promoted by the individual artists as well. One (1) winner will be chosen from each category and winners will be announced in accordance with the deadline set for each year. 

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